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    Vertican LOUVERS are good to use in diverse environments either it be an official office or one’s own home. They are spread in bureaus, schools, hospitals, and other establishments. However, vertical louvers are more and more chosen for homes.

    Vertical louvers have a wide fabric and colour selection, which brings modern and diverse design elements to your home. All louver bands are made from a fabric that is impregnated and resistant to moisture. This fabric also has a characteristic to be resistant to sunlight.

    The most common width of the bands are 89mm or 127mm. The maintenance of louvers is simple, they can be controlled with the help of a chain and string, which allows to partially uncover them or fully contract them into one place. Vertical louvers can be installed on the ceiling or the wall.

    The exclusive pros of vertical louvers:

    • Our Ekolangai offered vertical louvers are made from quality materials that are resistant to various environmental stimuli.
    • Vertical louvers are a great choice to preserve personal privacy and regulate the wanted sunlight in the room.
    • Easily installed and applicable to various purposes in rooms.
    • Louvers allow to easily cover big windows and also to hide or separate parts of the room.
    • Vertical louver installation is possible on the window frame or the ceiling.
    • Simple management – controlled with a chain and string.
    • Our standard for sale louver width is 89 mm or 127 mm.
    • Vertical louvers allow to combine several colour bands by personal preference, which creates the most preferred louver effect for you.


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