Ekolangai sales and service company has been working successfully since 2001. Since that time, regardless of economic fluctuation, the sales of the firm have been steadily growing. The biggest influence to this has been the growing reputation of “Ekolangai” trademark and earned trust between clients. By 2011. research done on us, a whopping 56% of new clients applied to us through recommendations.Our wide variety of wares allows for individual solutions for each client.

For installations we only use Europe certified materials, the works are done by Republic window and door manufacture association prepared rules “Window, doors and their construction installation” ST 2491109.01.2008.

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    Main Ekolangai products:

    • Windows and doors made from plastic and aluminum.
    • Armoured and interior doors.
    • Rollers, louvers and gauzes.
    • Safety louvers and gates.

    Main Ekolangai services:

    • Window and door installation.
    • Window and door repair.
    • Embrasure trimming.