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  • Having trouble choosing the right windows?
  • Heat transfer coefficients, sound isolation indicators, light transmit indicators.            Are they troublesome for you?
  • Do you want the best door solution, which ensures maximum safety?
  • Do you want to have high quality modern louvers and rollers that fit to your personal interior?
  • And lots of other questions…

The measurement of openings – it is a complicated and meticulous work, which requires technical and constructional knowledge, special equipment, special qualification, that is why it is recommended that this job is entrusted to our company ekolangai specialists. Our experienced technical specialists will arrive free of charge, measure your windows, evaluate the difficulty and give you a consultation

for specific window and door technical requirements, they will also offer the most optimal solution. The measurements will allow the project to be done properly and give you a specific price

You can find our center in – Savanoriu pr. 298 Kaunas,  However we act in all of EUROPE. People and companies all over Europe use our services. We effectively plan all operations, which allows us to offer quality services in various corners of Europe.

Window installation is our forte – experienced professional installers, we work with all of the largest manufacturers in Lithuania by installation contracts. For installation we use Europe certified materials, the work is done by Republic window and door manufacture association prepared rules “Window, doors and their construction installation” ST 2491109.01.2008.

After new windows or doors are installed, between the window and the wall the sealing foam is left, which is clearly visible. When it is fully expanded and properly dried embrasure trimming can be done. This sort of trim can be done by using plastic trimming bands.

We recommend this service when there is a need to change old wares into new, the finish gets very little damage and shortly a total room overhaul can be planned. Partial trim can be done from the outside and inside of the room. To implement this, an embrasure wrapping by special trimming band is used.

We recommend full constructional embrasure trimming, when changing from old windows to new and if you are not planning to do additional repairs. This can be done no sooner than a day after installation, because only then the foam is fully dried and the window is mechanically strong.

Room smoothing, opening type and wall structure determines different constructional trimming technologies. In doing standard window embrasure trimming these jobs are done: plastering, priming, painted in white. If need be, the trimming can used with gypsum cardboard plates

Balcony glazing by plastic is a technological solution, when standard glass is used, quality plastic windows, which, by special equipment are linked together by quality angular links. This technology allows glazing in various forms, including round and absolutely non-standard balconies. For the balcony glazing – coloured plastic profiles can be chosen, which will liven-up your interior, the needed lacing count, which highly influences the total cost of the balcony glazing, the desired opening direction (from which side it opens, the conversion angle and functions), also if need be – we can install various types of ventilation panes. If the balcony is insulated from the inside, then it is necessary to evaluate it and the measurements during the installation process. For the glazing of 1st floor balconies we can also offer a selection of fittings against break-ins, lock-able handles, all of which to help raise the security level of your dwelling.

Does the wind blow through your windows? Do you feel a lack of window tightness? Is it hard to open and close windows? Do you need extra force to close them? Does your window not fully close? Is it hard to move the handle? Do you hear unpleasant crunching noises when closing the window? We can help you. We perform:

  • Window adjustment, gasket change
  • Plate lubrication
  • Clamp restoration
  • Drainage hole check
  • Part assembly
  • Other repair and adjustment work

We provide a free warranty service. If there is trouble or a defect with the ware you can always contact our Ekolangai specialists. During the warranty service we will solve the problem for free, if your warranty is expired we will offer a high quality and cheap after-warranty customer care and maintenance proposal.

If you are plagued by specific faults, but the warranty period is over and you don’t know what to do, we will always help you quickly, offering a quality service and a reasonable price to fix the faults..