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    These metal doors are best suited in areas with high humidity and other hazardous factors.
     Standard metal door structure and equipment:

    • Door panels are folded from a 1.25mm thick electrogalvanized cold rolling plate.
    • Frames are used with a 1.5mm thick electrogalvanized plate, which is heated with “PAROC” wool.
    • Door are painted in a power way by a unique Ral colour and shade palette.
    • Armoured doors are equipped with various locks.

    Metal doors ensure:

    • Resistance to wind – class C3.
    • Impermeability to water – class 6A.
    • Sound insulation coefficient – 31dBm.
    • Heat transmission coefficient – 2.9W(m *K).
    • Air penetration – class 4.
    • Mechanical strength – class 4.
    • Resistance to repeated opening and closing (100000 cycles) – class 5.


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