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    The safety of a home is very important during high criminal-rates. Thieves are constantly trying to grasp new technologies and break them open. Most of the time the break-ins happen where the home is poorly protected, where low quality doors and locks are used. In order to ensure safety one would have to choose quality doors and locks. Our Ekolangai specialists will help you find the best solution, so that the armoured doors meet all the wanted requirements.

    Standard armoured doors, interior door structure and equipment:

    • The sheet used is of a steel plate 1.25mm thick.
    • The door panel is folded and made out of a quality 1.25mm thick cold rolling plate.
    • The strength of the frame is influenced by a folded out 1.5mm thickness plate or a 2mm thick tube.
    • The frame and panel are painted in a powder way.
    • To insulate heat for the door panel a 42mm thick stone wool “PAROC” is used.
    • Hinges are installed on support-bearings.
    • For insulation a sealing gasket is used.
    • The doorstep is made out of stainless steel.
    • The choice of locks: doors are quipped by personal quality requirements with various locks.
    • The peephole is standard.
    • The trimming can be chosen with a LMDP or MDF plate.


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