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    Balcony glazing by plastic is a technological solution, when standard glass is used, quality plastic windows, which, by special equipment are linked together by quality angular links. This technology allows glazing in various forms, including round and absolutely non-standard balconies. For the balcony glazing – coloured plastic profiles can be chosen, which will liven-up your interior, the needed lacing count, which highly influences the total cost of the balcony glazing, the desired opening direction (from which side it opens, the conversion angle and functions), also if need be – we can install various types of ventilation panes. If the balcony is insulated from the inside, then it is necessary to evaluate it and the measurements during the installation process. For the glazing of 1st floor balconies we can also offer a selection of fittings against break-ins, lock-able handles, all of which to help raise the security level of your dwelling.

    Balcony glazing by plastic windows features:

    • Balcony glazing is good for sound and thermal insulation, by insulating your balcony you can extend the space of your living quarters.
    • The plastic profiles are of good quality, long-lasting, and resistant to environmental effects.
    • We provide you are a freedom of choice when glazing your balcony. There are coloured and wood imitation PVC profiles to choose from.
    • To ensure additional safety anti break-in elements and vents are equipped.
    • Door panels are opened toward the inside – using the space of the balcony.
    • PVC profiles are more massive than aluminum frame profiles.
    • The balcony strengthening structure is burdened.


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