Aluminum balconies

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    It is advised to glaze the balcony with an aluminum profile if a light room that is protected from wind, snow and rain is desired. This type of balcony gathers less heat than that of plastic windows, moreover if the balcony is not insulated, then the aluminum profile balcony has a pro – better ventilation, which in turn makes the humidity in the area disappear faster. Most of the people who choose balcony glazing in aluminum systems identify elegant outlook, simple functionality and versatility as their biggest criteria of choice. This kind of balcony glazing is compact, does not take up a lot of space, aluminum profiles can be easily opened or easily removed if need be.

    Balcony glazing aluminum profile properties:

    • Design – elegant, stylish, modern structure outlook.
    • Aluminum profiles are resistant to rust and corrosion.
    • They minimally take up balcony space.
    • A small profile allows more light to be transmitted.
    • Window frame weight – an aluminum profile is light which does not overload the balcony structure.
    • The biggest downside is that it is colder than glazing with plastic profiles.
    • The choice of colour is limited, PVC has a bigger colour variety.
    • Anti break-in tools are limited.


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