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    These are roller louvers, a unique technology is used to make this fabric, which allows to wrap the louvers into rolls. Roller blinds are resistant to moisture, direct sunlight and other environmental stimuli. Roller blinds can be used in any place where there are windows. They can be categorized into a few options depending on their usability and technological solutions:

    • System Standard – it is the most simple roller blind system to offer. This system consists of a light aluminum tube, high quality plastic holders, chosen roller fabric, a lower profile managing system and chain. Installation is possible on the wall, ceiling, window or door frame, special construction works are not needed for this.
    • System Besta. These roller blinds are with side guides and a cassette. Their reinforcement is done by the glazing beads on the top side of the window. The control mechanism is just like other simple systems – the chain snaps by itself. It is especially easy to apply to windows with glazing.
    • Roller blinds are controlled from the bottom to the top. It is an inverse roller action. The roller cassette is installed on the bottom of the window near the glazing beads. The roller is controlled by a special handle, which captures easily.

    Our company Ekolangai can offer over 300 various fabric colours and shades. Rollers can also be chosen from clear to fully tinting for the room. Installation is possible not only on the window frame, but also on the window niche or above it and on the ceiling. Only quality fabrics are used in the making of rollers.


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