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    Plastic windows Salamander is a German manufacturer’s one of the most valued plastic window profiles in Europe. Salamander factory in Germany started working since 1885. and since then their manufactory technologies have been perfected, since 1973 a plastics factory was opened. We can boldly confirm that these plastic windows meet 100% of highest German quality. All wares from this firm have immaculate design and colour diversity. At the moment we can offer to purchase plastic windows from two quality series – Salamander Streamline and Salamander Blue Evolution.


    SALAMANDER BLU EVOLUTION – plastic windows

    It is the highest quality window profile which meets the plastic window standards. Salamander Blue Evolution distinguishes itself by high thermal insulation features, and high light permeability. Because of their technology these windows can be made very huge. Salamander Blue Evolution will perfectly fit in a passive house, where a severe environment is present. They are passive windows, whose energetic class is A+++. Windows have a triple frame sealing system, which influences noise suppression and does not let the window fittings rust. So it a combination of the highest insulation of heat, sound and functionality.

    Window system specifications:

    1. Profile width is 92mm, which consists of a 7 camera system.
    2. Plastic exterior wall width is 3.1mm, which exceeds class A window requirements – which are only of 2.8mm width.
    3. The profile can be equipped with a glazing package of 60mm width.
    4. Three gasket system ensure immaculate tightness.
    5. Overall plastic window heat permeability coefficient is U= 7,5 W/(m2K) (with metal reinforcement).
    6. It is a A+++ profile, which meets the highest requirements.
    7. These plastic windows are perfect for a passive house.


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