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    Wooden windows are made from IV-92 SOFT-LINE and IV-78 SOFTLINE profiles. New generation wooden windows SOFTLINE profile edges are more rounded. This technological change protects the wooden window from dirt and water accumulation, the design is also more modern. The profiles of wooden windows are more stable, easier to manage, which significantly affects the lifetime of the window. Because of the upgraded second gasket the wooden windows ensure very high heat permeability and sound isolation features.

    The wood can be selected from different types, combining to personal dwelling:

    • Glued thorned pine – the optimal price-quality solution.
    • Glued pine – provides a more ethical wood appearance, because the thorns can’t be seen.
    • Larch – This wood type is mostly suited in a wet climate due to its resistance to water.
    • Meranti – Made from mahogany, exclusive properties include an interesting pattern and longevity.
    • Sipo – Another mahogany type, exclusive properties include hardiness and resistance.
    • Eucalyptus – One of the most exclusive wood types, properties include a unique pattern and strong wood.
    • White American oak – If you are looking for luxury and the highest quality, then this choice is for you.


    IV-92, 92mm
    Standard glazing 48 mm width, ensured thermal conductivity coefficient U=0,6 W/m2K.

    IV-78, 78mm

    Hinges: GU (Germany).

    Wooden windows versus plastic windows.

    • Quality wooden windows retain unchanged window features for a long time. Our Ekolangai wooden windows meet all the needed European Union quality requirements.
    • Wooden windows are not only high quality, but are also ecological. For processing of wood, only the tools that are made out of natural material are used. These wooden windows are suitable for people who especially want to conserve their health and appreciate long lasting traditions.
    • Wood, differently than plastic, has micro gaps which lets the wooden window breathe, which allows having the right air humidity and comfort balance in the room.
    • Wooden windows prevent the formation of frozen thresholds in the window frame and stop water condensation.
    • Wooden windows do not store an electrostatic charge. This characteristic helps daily window management, does not attract dust and is not needed to be cleaned with antistatic appliances.
    • Wood allows to present a variety of colours. You can easily match a wooden window’s frame shade with your home interior, decoration and furniture, so you can implement your room design wishes with ease. By processing the window frame with clear polish and coloured preservatives the wood texture is highlighted and protected from negative environmental effects.


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