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    Plastic windows VEKA softline 82 mm 7 cameras. This profile system is equipped with a 82mm width frame, and special polystyrene filler. This system stands out with its thermal features. Unique triple seal system allows a higher noise protection, also a unique technological construction ensures high heating isolation features.

    This new generation product ensures the highest quality, which meets all modern construction raised requirement standards. VEKA softline 82 mm 7 cameras window profile is a technological achievement in window production. Veka plastic windows are for those who appreciate safety, flawless design, and for people who require the most optimal energy consumption rate. Up until now, ecology and energy consumption had second place, however these plastic windows changed that.

    Today’s reality – growing energy prices, the disadvantage of fossil fuels, this influences future building construction technology choices and current room optimization in saving energy. All clients that start to build their personal house or while arranging a cottage find a problem in choosing the right materials, because choosing the wrong windows and doors can severely influence the energy consumption and various other factors. It is always best to see into the manufacturer’s offered technical data, because it describes the technical properties of the product. It is often difficult to understand the manufacturer’s given technical properties and can sometimes be time-consuming, however our Ekolangai specialists will always explain every meaning behind the window data.

    Technical data:

    • Value Uf = 0,8 W/m2K
    • Security against break-ins up to Wk2
    • Profile exterior wall width: Class A
    • Gaskets: can be replaced
    • Hinges: Maco (Austria)

    1x1.trans Plastikiniai langai VEKA

    Ekolangai plastic windows are always for the best price of the highest quality

    VEKA window manufacture started since 1969. This is when the company leader Heinrich Laumann acquired another company known as VEKAPLAST. This company, at the moment of acquisition, manufactured plastic louvers and was soon into making plastic profiles. At first the company consisted of 8 people, right now there are over 3300 people working there, a part of them work in Germany, in the central VEKA headquarters. The company expanded into America and Asia. Right now the company VEKA is one of the largest plastic profile manufacturers in the whole world and the trademark VEKA became a strong plastic profile quality standard. This company pays a lot of attention in it’s constant production improvement, it strives to use the newest technologies in order to hold the best quality in plastic window manufacture. This company provided a strong foundation to the market of plastic windows for the whole world.


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