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    GEALAN plastic window company was found in 1921. Germany, by 1968 they started manufacturing profile systems for windows. Right now GEALAN plastic window profile factories can be found in Germany, Poland, Romania and one in Lithuania. There are over 1200 people that work in GEALAN and manufacture plastic profiles for construction, plastic windows and do processes. GEALAN have exclusive products, such as a coloured plastic window profile. This plastic window is made with special technology by fusing two materials, the end product is a very resistant to environment influence and mechanical infractions, long-lived coloured plastic window profile.

    Plastic windows GEALAN S 8000 – 6 camera profile

    Plastic windows Gealan with 6 camera profile ensures the highest features of sound and heat insulation. 74mm Profile allows to choose a strong 1.5mm width galvanized steel armature, which ensures stability for plastic windows. 6 Camera profile is a sort of revolution in window manufacture. Comparing 3 camera profile to a 6 camera profile, the latter is 25% warmer and can be up to 33% warmer with a 40mm glazing package.


    • 6 camera, 74mm width PVC profile
    • Good heating permeability and sound insulation
    • Lead is not used in the making of this profile
    • High heat permeability coefficient – U=1-1.3 W/m2K
    • Reliable security from thieves is ensured by a 1.5mm width galvanized steel profile
    • German quality

    Plastic windows GEALAN S9000


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