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    Plastic windows Brugmann AD 73mm is made with a 5 camera profile and supplied with two high quality camera seal gaskets, which provide high sound and heat insulation characteristics. Standard glazing of 24mm ensures heat conductivity coefficient of U=1,0 W/m2K.

    Brügmann plastic window is long-lasting, resistant to climate change and stable. These features are very important considering the challenges subjected to the window, which are influenced by the four seasons.

    Glazing consists of two or three clear glass pieces and one energy saving selective glass. Seeking the highest warmth saving, the space between glass pieces is filled with argon gas.

    Equipped fittings are of German company make – “ROTO”, they are covered in anti-corrosion coating, which does not let the window lose its technical properties, that is why the window mechanism is long lasting, even if it is poorly maintained or exposed to severe weather conditions.

    Plastic window Brugmann is equipped with protection: windward open window panel retainer, which provides security from bad weather conditions. Window and balcony faulty handle turning guard. Equipping a plastic window, the handles can be made from plastic or aluminum, there is also a choice of colour – white and brown.

    Technical data:

    • Value Uf = 1,3 W/m2K
    • Sound insulation up to 46 dB
    • Security against break-ins up to Wk2
    • Profile exterior wall width: Class A
    • Gaskets: can be replaced
    • Hinges: Roto (Germany).

    Window structure information:

    • Profiles – system Brugmann ARTLine, plastic window frame width 73mm, window panel 84mm.
    • Camera quantity – 5 cameras always equipped in white windows and optionally 4-5 cameras in coloured windows.
    • Armature – galvanized steel special configurations, which ensure a strong window structure.
    • Applied glazing – double glazing package with one selective glass, glazing package width is 24mm, camera is filled with argon gas to purposefully achieve the highest tightness.
    • For tightness two cameras and double seal gaskets are used to ensure that the window has maximum tightness.
    • Fittings – ROTO are fitted into a reinforcement, are of increased safety, mushroom form bolts, which meet EU raised requirements.
    • For ventilation a micro-ventilation supplement is used.
    • The guard meets highest requirements, used in ROTO fittings technologies, 3 angle security window panel, a faulty handle turning high quality guard.

    Additional options:

    • Anti break-in fittings.
    • Furniture accessories of various purposes.
    • Various combinations of glazing – patterned, tinted, light refrecting, matted, noise inhibiting, safe glass.
    • Spontaneous ventilation system, additionally standard or automatic vents.
    • Window accessories by choice. Interior and exterior windowsills, gauzes for insects, louvers, rollers and other accessories.
    • Gasket colours are optional – black or grey.

    Brugmann plastic windows are the best price and quality option – Ekolangai recommends


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