Garage gates

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    • Wide garage gate variety.
    • Gate section filler is made from 40mm thickness of a polyurethane layer.
    • Can produce on individual requirements.
    • All our wares meet ISO 90001 quality requirements an have CE certificates.

    Especially strong gate structure

    We provide gate guides, drums and shafts a 10 year warranty.
    We can suggest how to properly match and choose the gates you want, we offer various models, colours and additional accessories.


    Choosing a suitable gate is quite hard. Choosing a desired gate successfully you would need to answer a few important questions. Below are example questions submitted to help you in choosing yard gates.

    • What will be the most important yard gate function?
    • Do gate have to ensure the safety of animals and not let them escape?
    • What lock technology will you choose – a bold or a cylindrical lock?
    • Gate outlook – transparent or tinted?
    • Which construction – hinged (single or double) or sliding gates?
    • Is the exclusive design important? Is there a need for automatics, which will help the use of gates?


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